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FFL Transfer Pricing:

$40 for 1 firearm + $20 for each additional firearm (when completed on the same day).

$75 PICs NON Approval Fee 

Must Have Valid PA ID - Drivers License, Non Drivers ID and Proof of Residency. See Acceptable List Below.

Once you make the online purchase just email us the info - seller, seller email, item # or order # and we will supply them with our FFL (most people just email me the order confirmation sheet).

We are available by appointment to do transfers, we will call You the day it arrives to get you scheduled.

All transfers must be completed in person by the purchaser listed on Shipment at the receiving FFL dealer (transfer applications can't be done online).

Any Questions Please Email: FFL@GUNSDUSTY.NET

*WARNING: Lying on the State & Federal Application for Purchase/ Transfer of a Firearm is a Crime WE WILL GO TO COURT AND TESTIFY WHEN THEY BRING CHARGES AGAINST YOU.  

Documents Required for Purchase/Transfer of a Weapon:
ID & Proof of Residency Must Show Same Address 
PA Drivers License or Non Drivers ID Card  not expired or suspended
& if Needed Penn Dot Update Card/ Printout from Penn Dot
Acceptable Proof of Residency:
Conceal Carry Permit
Military Identification Card
Utility Bill 
Voters Registration Card
Vehicle Registration
Car Insurance ID Card
Government Documents:  Any correspondence sent to you by a city, county, state, or federal government agency
Bank Statements: Preprinted account statements from your bank. Bank statements printed from a home computer are not accepted as proof of residency.
Non-citizens: In addition to the identification requirements above, if you are a non-U.S. citizen you must provide a valid government issued Permenent Resident Card.  I94 Non US Citizen MUST Call Store Prior to Ordering. 
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