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Helpful Hints

This section is designed to assist you in making the decisions associated with purchasing new equipment for your departments that fit your needs.  If you have any questions at all please call and talk to Dusty in person for first class assistance with your equipment needs.

Selecting Body Armor


II A  = Lowest Threat Level - Most comfortable and most flexible

II    = Mid Threat Level - Most Reccomended

III A = Highest Threat Level - Most of the time this is overkill; it's thick, heavy and hot.


Factor (1). Most likely threat Must stop duty weapon!

Factor (2). Climate in your area

Factor (3). Duties - ie... desk, street patrol, court room, jail

Factor (4). Dress - ie... plain clothes, uniform or BDU's


Selecting Firearms


Who will have access to the firearm?

Are there any children in the home?

Intended use - carry, hunting or other

Experience level/type of training with firearms


Selecting Chemical Suites

Threat - What do you need protection from?

Exposure Time


Attached = Gloves, Boots, Hoods

Armor Express Ballistic Vest Care Instructions

A lot of people ask me about how to keep their vests from stinking. Below are some helpful hints to keep it clean and maintain the ballistics. Please refer to and follow the individual manufacturer instructions, but here are some of the basics. Also, a little spritz of Fabreeze can help out in a pinch J

Thank you for choosing Armor Express as your ballistic manufacturer.  We know that the performance of your life-saving gear is important to you – and it is to us too.  The below details are general care instructions – however – there are many components to your product, and each will have it’s own set of care instructions.  These are attached to the item itself, and should be followed above any information provided on this page.  The information below is for convenience purposes and can be used as a quick reference if you are on the go.

 Ballistic Pad

  1. Wipe with damp cloth.
  2. DO NOT machine wash or machine dry.
  3. DO NOT bleach, DO NOT dry clean, DO NOT iron.


  1. To clean carrier, REMOVE the ballistic panels.
  2. Machine was carrier using GENTLE cycle at a COOL temperature.
  3. DO NOT use bleach, DO NOT use fabric softener.
  4. Carrier may be air dried or machine dried at LOW setting.
  5. DO NOT commercially dry clean.
  6. DO NOT iron.

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Once you make the online purchase just email info - seller, seller email, item # or order # and I will supply them with my FFL (most people just emial me the order confirmation sheet).

For a FFL transfer there is my fee + state fee--- which are $25 for background check which covers 1 day and $ 25 for transfer per gun (so 3 guns in 1 day is $75 total or for 1 gun it is $50 total) and I am available by appointment to do transfers from the open at 8:30 am and the evenings up until the close of the PICS system which is 8:30pm. All transfers must be completed in person by the purchaser with proper valid PA ID at the receiving FFL dealer (transfer applications can't be done online).


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