Dusty Rhoads Police Supply gunsdusty@comcast.net
Dusty Rhoads Police Supplygunsdusty@comcast.net

A little about the owner

Dusty is a firearms instructor, federal firearms dealer, competition shooter, range operator/designer, gunsmith, firearms and equipment expert. I have over 44 years’ experience in firearms and equipment. I have been actively involved in training since 1962. I was the owner/operator and design engineer of the first indoor tactical training center ever built in North America. I have been responsible for training thousands of police officers and civilians on firearms and equipment. For many years I have had the privilege of consulting and training Federal, State and many Municipal Agencies. I have also been involved in many criminal investigations involving firearms and have testified in federal court for both the F.B.I and A.T.F as an expert witness in many high profile cases. For the last few years I have been instructing and advising at the Aberdeen Proving Ground Police Academy on matters of firearms and proper use of equipment.


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Once you make the online purchase just email info - seller, seller email, item # or order # and I will supply them with my FFL (most people just emial me the order confirmation sheet).

For a FFL transfer there is my fee + state fee--- which are $25 for background check which covers 1 day and $ 25 for transfer per gun (so 3 guns in 1 day is $75 total or for 1 gun it is $50 total) and I am available by appointment to do transfers from the open at 8:30 am and the evenings up until the close of the PICS system which is 8:30pm. All transfers must be completed in person by the purchaser with proper valid PA ID at the receiving FFL dealer (transfer applications can't be done online).


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